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Case studies automation of brewhouse, fermentation, storage and yeast production 

ISE´s Easy Brew TOUCH has been developed to fully automate all production and cleaning processes of small scale and home breweries. The system has been conceived together with our engineering partners in order to provide small and medium scale breweries with all state-of-the-art features of modern industrial scale brewing technology.

The various unit operations of the beer brewing process

  1. Brewhouse
  2. Fermentation
  3. Storage
  4. Yeast Production

are integrated into one automation system. An easy and user friendly recipe management enables you to configure the system to a fully reproducible production process, to meet the demands of your different brands of beer.

This masterpiece of modern beer brewing technology conforms to all existing regulations in force (e.g food codes, purity regulations "Reinheitsgebote",...).

  • fully automated small and medium scale breweries

  • brewing by touch

  • controlled fermentation and storage processes for high product quality

The concept of easy brew is applied on small scale breweries as well as on industrial scale breweries and can be scaled according to the capacity requirements of the client.

ISE automation system EBTOUCH5

...Your automation solution for breweries with an output of 1.000 Hl beer per year.

ISE automation system EBTOUCH10

...Your automation solution with similar setup but support of plants up to an output of 2.000 Hl beer per year

ISE automation system EBTOUCH20

...Your automation solution for breweries with an output of more than 5.000 Hl beer per year


The basic layout of ISE's standard automation package is based on industrial PLC systems, which perform I/O and alarm handling, smart control loops and run-off control.

The HMI can be scaled from simple operator panels to SCADA systems as well as be integrated into total plant process control systems.

The-state-of-art EBTouch Automation system runs on common modern industrial automation platforms e.g:

PLC level: Siemens Simatic

SCADA: Siemens WinCC, WinCC flexible

PCS/DCS: Siemens PCS 7

Custom specific system requirement on demand.

In close cooperation with Brauerei Gusswerk GmbH, Barta KEG (part of Barta industries) and with Gruber GmbH&CoKG we deliver turn key brewhouse plants. The overall brewhouse design complies with the latest technical & regulatory standards.

3D design enables us to adapt the plant to Your specific requirements.

Brewing is made easy by a well designed operator interface: EB Touch 5, 10, 20