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Standard Automation Software (run-off, visualisation, reporting)

  • preparation of functional specification
  • preparation of graphical charts to illustrate functional specification
  • preparation of software design specification
  • discussion of functional specification, software design specification
  • PCS (process control system) / PLC (programmable logic controller ) configuration (run-off control)
  • SCADA/HMI configuration (visualisation, database, interfaces: SQL, ethernet,...)
  • operator panel configuration (visualisation, interfaces)
  • special report and printout programs (refer to general software engineering)
  • PID controller parameterisation
  • bus and network configuration (PLC, PCS and SCADA)
  • fieldbus and network configuration (PLC or SCADA)
  • recipe and batch configuration (PLC or SCADA)
  • program comments and documentation
  • software delivery on non volatile storage media

Custom built Automation Software (Add-ons)

  • design and development of customized software modules to extend the functionality of SCADA/PCS systems
  • recipe management: operator-definable recipes, GMP compliant version control, version history, audit trail, mulitple security levels
  • recipe execution: parallel execution of multiple recipes, multiple security levels, recipe execution reports
  • report management: MS reporting services, MS SQL database
  • remote alarming: user configurable alarms, alarm groups and operators
    user configurable roster based on time and days of the week multiple escalation levels
    alarming and acknowledgement via GSM modem/ SMS/ e-mail/ voicemail