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Case studies automation of Clean Utilities (WFI/AP/CS) 

Clean utility generation, storage and distribution in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industry have to comply with strict quality requirements. Moreover, the distribution systems have to be conceived according to the specific process requirements.

For all the different technological requirements of clean utility installations (softener, reverse osmosis, distillation, evaporation, distribution...) we have developed standardised modules proven through years of use, which can be customized to satisfy your specific needs of clean utility installations.

The communication between preparation packages and distribution systems as well as with supervisory SCADA and process control systems is achieved with standard communication interfaces and network and bus systems.

For clean utility installations we generally use PLCs for I/O handling, alarming, controlling and run-off control and graphical HMI scaled from simple operator displays to state-of-the-art SCADA systems and up to high-end process control systems.

ISE application software is developed on standard industrial components and platforms:

PLC level: Siemens Simatic, Allen Bradley, B&R

SCADA: Siemens WinCC, WinCC flexible, iFix, InTouch

PCS/DCS: Siemens PCS 7

Custom specific system requirement on demand.