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Corporate Philosophy

Our company’s management cares for the definition, assessment and documentation of our reliable and first class quality products and services, our sustainable protection of the environment and resources and the health and safety of all staff involved with ISE activities.

Our Objectives

Responsibility     Sustainability     Loyalty     Integrity     Communication     Information

Our Guidelines

  • We care for the satisfaction of our clients, partners, colleagues, employees and suppliers
  • We emphasize controlled innovation as the basis for proven and established high tech solutions
  • We are familiar and compliant with international GMP and GAMP guidelines
  • We attach greatest importance to the qualification and motivation of our staff
  • We are proud of our process know-how which allows us to understand our clients’ needs and requirements
  • We treat our business partners and colleagues with respect and fairness
  • We value long term relationships with our business partners and staff
  • We live for quality
  • We preserve resources in the most sustainable and responsible way possible
  • We take care for our own health, safety and environment
  • We take care for the health and safety of our colleagues and partners
  • We comply with legal and official requirements
  • We keep our database of laws, regulations and standards in force up to date and inform our colleagues accordingly
  • We share legal and official requirements with our business partners and set up correct business relationships
  • We believe in a continuous improvement in order to enhance our performance on the market
  • We already work on solutions for requirements our clients do not even see a need yet 
  • We know that true benefit is achieved by a combination of individuality and organization 
  • We follow the motto: Better 10% of visions implemented than 100% visions without any effect
  • We act on the basis of ethical principles like human rights and fair competition 
  • We respect the secrecy of confidential data and intellectual property

We expect similarly high standards from our business partners and staff