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setup of cabinets / execution of field installation

  • selection of suitable site for cabinets (esp. operator panels,...)
  • field wiring (electrical)
  • pneumatic hosing
  • supervision of connection of cabinets to electrical and pneumatic field installation
  • energizing and tuning of cabinets (with electrical components)
  • certification of electromechanical completion
  • verification and documentaion of energy consumption

start-up of measurement and control equipment

  • supervision of connection to field wiring
  • energizing, downloading of configuration and tuning
  • calibration (standards and devices by client)

commissioning of network, security, client Interfaces

  • BSI IT baseline protection
  • test of system security

commissioning of PLC/PCS, SCADA, operating panels

  • signal test (together with check of electrical/pneumatic installation)
  • test of program sequences (alarms, control loops, unit operations, batches)
  • tuning of PID controllers
  • test of special visualisation issues (reports, operating panels...)
  • training of operators on installation
  • amendments