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The Team

Our clients expect strong partners with know-how of technological processes who implement the specified tasks in an auditable and professional manner.
Our proven understanding of technological processes and sequences provides invaluable knowledge which guides our activities. Using our understanding of processes and sequences allows us to adapt system layout and programming specifically to the process and the client.

Our professional competence is wide-ranging

  • educated in computer science and automation
  • hardware and software engineering
  • electrical, electronic and control engineering
  • food- and biotechnology, (bio)chemistry
  • mechanical and plant engineering
  • chemical engineering
  • technical physics

The experience of our team is the reference of our company

  • planning and design of process control systems
  • project management and startup of automated installations in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industry, production and utility
  • specification, layout and configuration of electrical facilities, pneumatic installations, sensors and transmitters
  • validation of automation and computerized systems
  • network management
  • application and systems programming
  • information security