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Media & Buffer

Case studies automation of Media & Buffer Preperation - Hold - Fractionation - UF/DF/TFF

Tanks (media and buffer preparation, hold tank farms, pasteurisation tanks, fractionation tanks, UF/DF/TFF tanks, blending of buffers... ) are part of any life science production facility.

ISE has vast experience in automation solutions for the life science industry.

Hundreds of clients rely upon our proven automation systems for complex production trains as well as for highly automated and sophisticated package units.

Since we are specialised in many different package equipments (bioreactors, CIP/SIP skids, ...) we can easily integrate these packages into complex overall facility control systems.

All our systems follow strict development protocols, resulting into updated documentation and easy life cycle management.

For media, buffer and process tanks´ automation we generally use PLCs for I/O handling, alarming, controlling and run-off control and graphical HMI, scaled from simple operator displays to state-of-the-art SCADA systems and up to high-end process control systems.

ISE application software is developed on standard industrial components and platforms:

PLC level: Siemens Simatic, Allen Bradley, B&R

SCADA: Siemens WinCC, WinCC flexible, iFix, InTouch

PCS/DCS: Siemens PCS 7

Custom specific system requirement on demand.